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9:00-10:30GD Contest Live Challenge


8:00-8:45Session 1: Gradient descent and queue layoutsChair
T2[Best Paper] Reyan Ahmed*, Felice De Luca, Sabin Devkota, Stephen Kobourov and Mingwei Li. Graph drawing via gradient descent, (GD)^22+10 minDavid Auber
SKatharina Börsig*, Ulrik Brandes and Barna Pasztor. Stochastic Gradient Descent Works Really Well for Stress Minimization1+5 minDavid Auber
T1Laura Merker* and Torsten Ueckerdt. The Local Queue Number of Graphs with Bounded Treewidth1+5 minStefan Felsner
T1Sujoy Bhore*, Robert Ganian, Fabrizio Montecchiani and Martin Nöllenburg. Parameterized Algorithms for Queue Layouts1+5 minStefan Felsner
T1Jawaherul Md. Alam, Michael Bekos, Martin Gronemann*, Michael Kaufmann and Sergey Pupyrev. Lazy Queue Layouts of Posets1+5 minStefan Felsner
9:00-9:45Session 2: Drawing tree-like graphs, visualisation, and special drawings of elementary graphs
T1Timothy M. Chan and Zhengcheng Huang*. Improved Upper and Lower Bounds for LR Drawings of Binary Trees1+5 minSabine Cornelsen
T1Václav Blažej*, Jiří Fiala and Giuseppe Liotta. On the edge-length ratio of $2$-trees1+5 minSabine Cornelsen
T2Vincenzo Perri* and Ingo Scholtes. HOTVis: Higher-Order Time-Aware Visualisation of Dynamic Graphs1+5 minTamara Munzner
SAlessio Arleo*, Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta, Silvia Miksch and Fabrizio Montecchiani. VAIM: Visual Analytics for Influence Maximization1+5 minTamara Munzner
T1Gábor Damásdi*. Odd wheels are not odd-distance graphs.1+5 minFabrizio Frati
T1Alon Efrat, Radoslav Fulek*, Stephen Kobourov and Csaba Tóth. Polygons with Prescribed Angles in 2D and 3D1+5 minFabrizio Frati
10:15-11:15T1Invited talk : Jeff Erickson*. Fun with Toroidal Spring EmbeddingsDavid Eppstein
Abstract: Tutte’s classical spring embedding theorem is the foundation of hundreds of algorithms for drawing and manipulating planar graphs. A somewhat less well-known generalization of Tutte’s theorem, first proved by Yves Colin de Verdière in 1990, applies to graphs on more complex surfaces. I will describe two recent applications of this more general theorem to graphs on the Euclidean flat torus. The first is a natural toroidal analogue of the Maxwell-Cremona correspondence, which relates equilibrium stresses, orthogonal dual embeddingss, and weighted Delaunay complexes. The second is an efficient algorithm to morph between geodesic torus graphs using a small number of parallel linear morphing steps, matching (and slightly simplifying) recent planar moprhing algorithms.

This talk includes joint work with Erin Chambers, Patrick Lin, and Salman Parsa, available at and .
11:30-12:00Session 3: Restricted drawings of special graph classes
SPatrizio Angelini*, Michael Bekos, Philipp Kindermann and Tamara Mchedlidze. On Mixed Linear Layouts of Series-Parallel Graphs1+5 minMartin Nöllenburg
T1Giuseppe Di Battista*, Fabrizio Frati, Maurizio Patrignani and Marco Tais. Schematic Representation of Large Biconnected Graphs1+5 minMartin Nöllenburg
SJonathan Klawitter* and Peter Stumpf. Drawing Tree-Based Phylogenetic Networks with Minimum Number of Crossings1+5 minPhilipp Kindermann
SEmanuele Balloni, Giuseppe Di Battista and Maurizio Patrignani*. A Tipping Point for the Planarity of Small and Medium Sized Graphs1+5 minPhilipp Kindermann


8:00-8:40Poster Session
Panagiotis Lionakis, Giorgos Kritikakis and Ioannis Tollis. Algorithms and Experiments using the Path Based Hierarchical Drawing Framework
Therese Biedl. Drawing outer-1-planar graphs revisited
James Cruickshank and Qays Shakir. Contacts of Circular Arcs Representations of Tight Surface Graphs
Evan Ezell, Seung-Hwan Lim, David Anderson and Robert Stewart. Visualizing Communities and Structure in Dynamic Networks
Oksana Firman, Philipp Kindermann, Alexander Wolff, Johannes Zink, Alexander Ravsky and Stefan Felsner. The Complexity of Finding Tangles
Ben Jacobsen, Markus Wallinger, Stephen Kobourov and Martin Nöllenburg. MetroSets: Visualizing Hypergraphs as MetroMaps
Ehsan Moradi and Debajyoti Mondal. Visualizing Massive Networks by GPU Accelerated Streaming Algorithms
8:40-8:45Graph drawing contest reportPhilipp Kindermann
9:00-9:45Session 4: Orthogonality
T1Deepak Rajendraprasad and Sreejith K Pallathumadam*. Characterization and a 2D Visualization of B0-VPG Cocomparability Graphs1+5 minPhilipp Kindermann
T1Patrizio Angelini, Steven Chaplick, Sabine Cornelsen* and Giordano Da Lozzo. Planar L-Drawings of Bimodal Graphs1+5 minPhilipp Kindermann
T2Julian Walter, Johannes Zink*, Joachim Baumeister and Alexander Wolff. Layered Drawing of Undirected Graphs with Generalized Port Constraints1+5 minPhilipp Kindermann
T2Benjamin Niedermann* and Ignaz Rutter. An Integer-Linear Program for Bend-Minimization in Ortho-Radial Drawings1+5 minFabrizio Montecchiani
T1Michael Bekos, Carla Binucci*, Giuseppe Di Battista, Walter Didimo, Martin Gronemann, Karsten Klein, Maurizio Patrignani and Ignaz Rutter. On Turn-Regular Orthogonal Representations1+5 minFabrizio Montecchiani
T1Patrizio Angelini, Ignaz Rutter and Sandhya T P*. Extending Partial Orthogonal Drawings1+5 minFabrizio Montecchiani
10:15-11:00Session 5: Topological constraints
T1Helena Bergold*, Stefan Felsner, Manfred Scheucher, Felix Schröder and Raphael Steiner. Topological Drawings meet Classical Theorems from Convex Geometry1+5 minCsaba Tóth
T1Marcel Radermacher, Ignaz Rutter and Peter Stumpf*. Towards a characterization of stretchable aligned graphs1+5 minCsaba Tóth
T2David Baum*. Exploring Design Space of Aesthetics with Repertory Grids1+5 minDaniel Archambaullt
SEmilio Di Giacomo, Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta, Fabrizio Montecchiani and Alessandra Tappini*. Storyline Visualizations with Ubiquitous Actors1+5 minDaniel Archambaullt
SSabine Cornelsen, Maximilian Pfister*, Henry Förster, Martin Gronemann, Michael Hoffmann, Stephen Kobourov and Thomas Schneck. Drawing Shortest Paths in Geodetic Graphs1+5 minSteve Chaplick
T1Alexandra Wesolek*, Bojan Mohar and Marthe Bonamy. Limiting crossing numbers for geodesic drawings on the sphere1+5 minSteve Chaplick
11:15-12:15Business MeetingStephen Kobourov


8:00-8:45Session 6: Crossings, k-planar graphs
T1[Best Paper] János Pach, Gábor Tardos and Géza Tóth*. Crossings between non-homotopic edges2+10 minPavel Valtr
T1János Barát and Géza Tóth*. Improvement on the crossing number of crossing-critical graphs1+5 minMarkus Chimani
SStefan Felsner, Michael Hoffmann, Kristin Knorr* and Irene Parada. On the Maximum Number of Crossings in Star-Simple Drawings of K_n with No Empty Lens1+5 minMarkus Chimani
T1Michael Hoffmann, Chih-Hung Liu, Meghana M Reddy* and Csaba Tóth. Simple Topological Drawings of k-Planar Graphs1+5 minWalter Didimo
T1Patrizio Angelini, Giordano Da Lozzo, Henry Förster* and Thomas Schneck. 2-Layer k-Planar Graphs: Density, Crossing Lemma, Relationships, and Pathwidth1+5 minWalter Didimo
9:00-9:45Session 7: Planarity
T1Fabrizio Frati*. Planar Rectilinear Drawings of Outerplanar Graphs in Linear Time1+5 minTamara Mchedlidze
T1Walter Didimo, Michael Kaufmann, Giuseppe Liotta and Giacomo Ortali*. Rectilinear Planarity Testing of Plane Series-Parallel Graphs in Linear Time1+5 minTamara Mchedlidze
T2Amyra Meidiana*, Seok-Hee Hong and Peter Eades. New Quality Metrics for Dynamic Graph Drawing1+5 minRomain Bourqui
T2Helen Purchase*, Daniel Archambault, Stephen Kobourov, Martin Nöllenburg, Sergey Pupyrev and Hsiang-Yun Wu. The Turing Test for Graph Drawing Algorithms1+5 minRomain Bourqui
SOswin Aichholzer, Michael Hoffmann, Johannes Obenaus*, Rosna Paul*, Daniel Perz, Nadja Seiferth, Birgit Vogtenhuber and Alexandra Weinberger*. Plane Spanning Trees in Edge-Colored Simple Drawings of $K_n$1+5 minAlexander Wolff
T1Jonathan Rollin*, Alexander Pilz, Lena Schlipf and André Schulz. Augmenting Geometric Graphs with Matchings1+5 minAlexander Wolff
10:00End of online voting for best presentation & poster
10:15-11:15T2 Invited talk : Sheelagh Carpendale*. An Alternate Look at AestheticsDavid Auber
11:15-11:30Award and Closing Ceremony